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Volume 14: September 2017

Volume 14: September 2017

A roundup of updates, inspiration, and community happenings.

You Are Here

Take a bird’s-eye tour of the entrance to Pinewood Forrest and imagine the sensation of coming home.

Driving down Sandy Creek Road and onto Veterans Parkway, you can already feel a sense of comfort and ease wash over you.

As you curve the roundabout and enter Iver Place, you are welcomed by a trickling creek and a canopy of 100-year-old oak trees. Rolling down your window, you take in the sweet smell of hydrangeas.

The creative energy of Pinewood Atlanta Studios gives way to the sanctuary of Pinewood Forrest. Even though the Studios are just across the street, when you’re in the privacy of your courtyard, it feels like you’re worlds away.

You are here. You are home.

Geothermal Explained

At Pinewood Forrest, all of the homes will use geothermal energy.
It’s good for your wallet. It’s zero emissions. It’s quieter, smarter, better.
Watch this video to find out more.

Conversations On The Stoop

How does density benefit residents, guests, and businesses?

“People ignore design that ignores people.”
– Designer and author Frank Chimero

New Urbanism is united around the belief that our physical environment has a direct impact on our chances for happy, prosperous lives and that well-designed cities, towns, and neighborhoods help create community.

Pinewood Forrest aspires to build a remarkable community designed around people by embracing the nine principles of New Urbanism (also shared in a recent Atlanta Business Chronicle article):

  1. Walkability
  2. Connectivity
  3. Mixed-use & Diversity
  4. Mixed Housing
  5. Quality Architecture & Urban Design
  6. Traditional Neighborhood Structure
  7. Increased Density
  8. Smart Transportation
  9. Sustainability

Last month’s Journal shared how walkability is incorporated into the design of Pinewood Forrest. This month, we share how increased density contributes to a more lovable community.

WHY IS DENSITY A GOOD THING? explains the principle and the rewards of increased density as, “More buildings, residences, shops, and services closer together for ease of walking, to enable a more efficient use of services and resources, and to create a more convenient, enjoyable place to live.”


Beyond what was mentioned in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article highlighting Pinewood Forrest’s approach to New Urbanism, the benefits of density at Pinewood Forrest abound, including:

  • Smaller yards with shared public green space reduces required time, energy, and resources needed for yard work.
  • Close proximity of homes provides an opportunity to create community and get to know neighbors.
  • Homes that are situated closer together tend to maximize neighborhood safety due to an increase in pedestrian traffic and a stronger familiarity with neighbors.
  • Density of Village Square makes it easy to go from shopping at a boutique to sitting down for a meal in minutes.
  • Conveniently-situated residences, shops, restaurants, and amenities encourages more pedestrian traffic and less vehicle traffic.
  • Public green space is accessible by more residents than in a typical “sprawl” community.

While Pinewood Forrest has its own unique design that incorporates density, we’ve outlined examples of New Urbanism communities that have embraced increased density to illustrate the real-world benefits.

*Illustrative examples from Georgia communities such as Decatur, Glenwood Park, Woodstock, and Vickery.

Our Collective Support
For Storytellers

A community that fortifies one another’s dreams.

Pinewood Forrest is proud to be part of Fayette County, a community that provides a vibrant backdrop for storytelling – from global to local and reverie to reality.

On a global scale, Pinewood Atlanta Studios is the second largest film studio complex in the country. Every day, the men and women who come to work there are creating blockbusters for companies like Marvel and Sony. The super hero stories are brought to life on the world’s stage.

At Pinewood Forrest, we believe real, everyday stories can be just as remarkable. Fayette County supports local makers, artists, farmers, and entrepreneurs working passionately every day to live out their dreams.

Pinewood Forrest embraces the powerful landscape of Fayette County and we’re enjoying making it an ideal place to tell your story:

  • Some of Georgia’s top ranked public schools
  • The #1 hospital in the state (Piedmont Hospital)
  • Strong business climate for local and international companies

To learn more about our amazing community, visit the Fayette Chamber of Commerce website.