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Volume 10: May 2017

Volume 10: May 2017

A roundup of updates, inspiration, and community happenings.

“Come Be A Part Of History.”

Get a taste of the celebratory spirit that will infuse daily life at Pinewood Forrest by reliving the festivities at Opening Day.

Terrace Homes: A Day In The Life

Imagine what it might be like to live in a home inspired by the urban sophistication of some of Europe’s most-loved cities. Plus, take a virtual reality tour. 

Morning light streams in to the master bedroom. You shuffle downstairs to brew a piping hot cup of coffee, taking a moment to enjoy the quiet before the dog comes barreling in from his favorite nap spot in the living room, excitedly skidding across the white oak floor. You grab the leash and your coffee for your morning walk around Central Park a mere 100 steps from your front door. This routine has become your morning ritual.

Returning home, you head upstairs to your office space, laptop in hand, and settle into your favorite workspace – a desk in the third bedroom that looks out onto Heatherden Avenue.

Hours later, craving an infusion of creative problem solving, you take a break from your work and escape to the front courtyard for reflection and fresh air.

As evening approaches, you invite your next door neighbors to join you and your family for drinks around the table in the courtyard amongst the boxwoods. Two guests grows to five as the sound of laughter signals an open invitation to those around to saunter through the twisted iron front gate and join the fun.

This is the place where stories unfold and are told and is just one possible day in the life in a Terrace Home.

The Terrace Homes in Pinewood Forrest are inspired by the urban sophistication of European attached homes or townhomes. In fact, the term “Terrace House” originates in Europe, gaining popularity in London in the 1600s after the Great Fire. Most terrace houses around the world are distinguished by their own private outdoor space or garden, even though homes share neighboring walls. The same is true for the Terrace Homes in Pinewood Forrest.

Terrace Homes are available for reservation in Phase1, starting at 1,700 SF and 3 bedrooms – an ideal backdrop to start your next chapter, whether you’re starting a family or looking for the perfect space to do your best work. You can reserve yours here today.

Or, take a virtual reality tour of the Huxley floor plan and Cheswick floor plan to imagine life in a Terrace Home.

A Galaxy of Guardians
Across The Street

Hundreds of Georgia’s own drove to Fayetteville to work on the second Guardians Of The Galaxy at Pinewood Atlanta Studios across from Pinewood Forrest. Seeing the results of their hard work premiere on the big screen at the Fox Theater – well, that’s the ultimate reward.

Since Marvel arrived in Georgia and set up shop at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, they’ve made 8 movies, employed thousands of Georgians, and generated millions of dollars for the state. Sunday, April 30th, they hosted the premiere of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” at the Fox Theatre, touting it as a celebration – not for the famous headlining actors in the movie (which include Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Kurt Russell, Sylvester Stallone and Benicio del Toro) – but for the hardworking crew.

And, celebrate they did, cheering for a speech from writer/director James Gunn who not only thanked the Georgia crew for their hard work, but the entire state. They cheered for David Grant, VP of Physical Production at Marvel, as he took to the stage to tell a story of getting off the plane for the first time 4 years ago and being picked up by Dan Cathy and driven to Fayetteville. “It was nothing but woods,” said Grant, “but Dan outlined the plan, and he brought it. Where many states have failed, Georgia made it happen, they made Georgia flourish.”

Fawn Ortega, a hair and makeup artist who worked on the film, was just one of the hundreds of crew members at the premiere. “It’s the coolest thing to see a film that you worked on for so many weeks come to life on screen,” she said, explaining she has to watch a movie she’s worked on 3 to 4 times before she really feels like she’s seen the movie. “I spend so much time looking at the details, looking for the scenes I worked on. And then we shoot out of order, so when you see it as a complete picture, it’s just amazing.”

Blade Ladish, a set dresser on the film who recently moved to Fayetteville with his wife to work on movies at Pinewood Studios echoed Fawn’s sentiments. “It’s really surreal. You’re building these sets, turning an artist’s sketch of Star-Lord’s ship into a real, working ship, and then you see Chris Pratt sitting in the seat that you built on screen, and it looks amazing. That’s what makes you want to do it all again.”

Chad Oliver, a digital imaging technician who attended the screening, said he spent 4 years working all over the country before he saw what was happening in Georgia and moved here in 2009. “What’s impressive is that they’re really making Hollywood quality films here. To do that here, and for them to still have the magnitude of a Hollywood film, really says a lot.”

Since the company Oliver co-owns has an office at Pinewood Atlanta Studios’ Production Centre, he’s excited to see more growth coming to Fayetteville, mentioning he’s considering purchasing a home in Pinewood Forrest. “It’s right across the street. How amazing would it be to wake up in my own bed every day and not have to travel anywhere to go work on a movie that’s going to be seen around the world?”

“Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” is in theaters worldwide on May 5th.