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Volume 16: November 2017

Volume 16: November 2017

A roundup of updates, inspiration, and community happenings.

Cherry Tree Park Comes To Life

The very first park in Pinewood Forrest is nearing completion.

Over 50% of the land in Pinewood Forrest is devoted to green space and natural public realm. The parks, which were once only designs on paper are now quickly becoming reality.

Residents and guests will soon be able to enjoy leisurely walks, play dates, and picnics at Cherry Tree Park, located near the corner of Hood Road and Heatherden Avenue.

Not only does Cherry Tree Park have lush green space and a relaxing water feature, it will also host a playground for the young (and the young at heart) to enjoy.

Experience Center Open For Business

Visit the sales and design teams in their new home on site and discover what your own home in Pinewood Forrest could be like.

How might it feel to live in Pinewood Forrest? What might a home decorated in partnership with Pinewood Forrest Design Group look and feel like?

These are two of the many questions that can be answered by visiting the real estate and design teams at the new Experience Center, located on-site in a real home at Pinewood Forrest.

The Experience Center was built by a member of our Builders Guild, Redwood Homes, and furnished by Pinewood Forrest Design Group so visitors get a real-life taste of how it might feel to live in a Pinewood Forrest residence.

Dana Lynch, head of Pinewood Forrest Design Group, uses words to describe the aesthetic of the Experience Center such as “Clean-lined, experiential, and materiality,” adding, “I love the concrete details. The countertops and fireplaces and the ironwork. It’s all hand done and feels so authentic.”

Check out some snapshots of the Experience Center below or, better yet, come check it out in person.

A Cozy Cottage


See how a smaller footprint home allows for larger living.

It’s a beautiful sunny day. You open your front door and walk onto the terrace to enjoy your morning coffee. Then, you take your dog for a walk, stopping to chat with neighbors along the way. You come back home and get to work on your novel for 3 hours. Then at lunchtime, you head to Village Square at your favorite bistro. After lunch, you attend yoga class at the wellness center. Needing some caffeine, you then go to the coffee shop to write a few more chapters of your novel—your creative juices started to flow after yoga. You then walk back home at twilight for dinner and then settle in for the night with a glass of wine.

This is how Lew Oliver, the town planner of Pinewood Forrest, envisions a day in the life of living in a Dahl Cottage. Influenced by Nordic cottages, there is an element of folk that makes these homes cozy and comfortable. Creating a home that is 1,667 square feet that doesn’t feel small was an exciting challenge for Lew. “I think you do it by putting it in a great setting, having great views, whether it’s a common area or lake, or pedestrian way, and then wrapping the front end part of one side with corner windows, so that you’re always looking at a side courtyard and a view at an angle from inside your house.”

A smaller footprint home also means less maintenance and lower energy bills. “They’re gonna be able to live in an incredible house that feels great, that functions well.”

The Dahl Cottage features 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a front porch or wrap around porch entry options. The main floor includes 10’ ceilings, making for a spacious living area. The master is on the second floor, along with a flex area perfect for an office. “I think homeowners of the Dahl Cottage will enjoy the comfort and coziness of the home. With its unexpected views, porch options, and the fact that each bedroom has it’s own bathroom, this will enable someone to live their best life,” says Dorothy Merrick, an agent at Pinewood Forrest.

The Dahl is available now for reservation. See it here or schedule an appointment to speak with an agent one-on-one.