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A place to be the best version of yourself.

Creativity feeds on connections. But the more hyper-networked we become, the more isolated we can feel. That’s why we’re planting community gardens and building common spaces.

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The power of people, storytelling and creativity.

Creativity needs a protected harbor. To thrive amid ambiguity and change, we need to know that there are some things we can count on. That’s why we’re designing spaces for connections, growth and community. So home can always grant a haven for kindred spirits.

Located across from Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

Where we are building is a deliberate choice. Pinewood Forrest sits just across the road from Pinewood Atlanta Studios,now the biggest purpose-built studio complex in the US outside L.A. On any given day, up to 2,000 talented professionals come to work on the Pinewood Atlanta Studios lot, giving shape to blockbuster movies from Marvel, Sony, and others.

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All roads lead to Village Square.

With an informal European vibe and distinctly Southern design, Village Square will be the heart of activity and action with a boutique hotel, startup incubator, farm-to-table restaurants, and an integrated wellness center. Filled with outdoor cafes and retail shops, it will be abuzz with people, energy and movement.

Beautiful homes for every walk of life.

Alluring, stylish homes including detached homes, cottages, terrace homes, and canopy homes, are made with natural materials and designed for every stage of life are connected by 15 miles of walkable pathways.

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Canopy homes


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Village Homes


Pend homes


Experience the heart of pinewood forrest.

Broad sidewalks lead to unexpected public spaces. At an onsite wellness center, people can do yoga in the morning, get a medical check-up in the afternoon, and take a swim in the evening. We’re building a performing arts center and launching a startup incubator, so people, ideas and capital can come together. Gathering options will abound at the Village Square with inviting restaurants, shops and hotels.